Why to Watch - The Passion of Joan of Arc

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The Passion of Joan of Arc Biography, Drama, History | 114min | October 25, 1928 (France) 8.1
Director: Carl Theodor DreyerWriter: Joseph Delteil, Carl Theodor DreyerStars: Maria Falconetti, Eugene Silvain, André BerleySummary: Giovanna is taken to the Inquisition court. . After the accusation of blasphemy continues to pray in ecstasy . A friar thinks that Giovanna is a saint, but is taken away by the soldiers. Giovanna sees a cross in the shadow and feels comforted. She is not considered a daughter of God but a daughter of the devil and is sentenced to torture. Giovanna D 'Arco says that even if she dies she will not deny anything. The eyes are twisted by terror in front of the torture wheel and faint. Giovanna is taken to a bed where they are bleeding. Giovanna feels that she is about to die and asks to be buried in a consecrated area. Giovanna burns at the stake while devoted ladies cry. —luigicavaliere


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