Why to Watch - Metropolitan

For great dialogue, but among rich pretentious assholes, sometimes there’s a time for that.



Metropolitan (1990) Comedy, Drama, Romance | 98min | August 3, 1990 (United States) 7.4
Director: Whit StillmanWriter: Whit StillmanStars: Carolyn Farina, Edward Clements, Chris EigemanSummary: In an apartment on Manhattan a couple of friends from the New York upper-class meet almost every night to talk about social mobility, play bridge and discuss Fourier's socialism; the cynic Nick, the philosophical Charlie, party girl Sally and austenite Audrey. They are joined by Tom. His background is much simpler and he is critical of their way of life. But he finds a soul mate in Audrey, who without his knowledge falls in love with him. —Mattias Thuresson


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