This Right Here Is Some Damn Good Dialogue

Who doesn’t love a movie with some incredible dialogue? A memorable movie line you can quote time and time again is a movie you will love forever. We also must not forget the films we love not because of their quotability, but because of their profound, realistic, or witty touch, which makes us feel like part of the movie.
At Rex, we appreciate movies like this, and we choose to highlight the ones that have moved us in different ways. It is not just the genius quick wit of Aaron Sorkin, or the epic lines of a Tarantino piece, that will be promoted in this category, we truly feel that each film has a unique ability to move us, in its own special way. A few dark horses we have highlighted, for their incredible dialogue.In Bruges – Martin Mcdonagh comes from the theatre and this film truly puts the talent of the playwright on display. Hilarious and dark, there is no fat in this dialogue, and it is truly a masterpiece to be marveled at. Hunger – For a film with not much dialogue altogether, there is a 20-minute scene with a priest and IRA prisoner that may be the best conversation in cinema history. Seriously I think film students learn about this scene, and for good reason. We hope you enjoy this selection of films, and we promise you for better or worse you will have a new appreciation for film dialogue. If you have enjoyed this vibe, please check out some of our other vibes as well!