Our Mission

Our Mission

Over choice is a problem in the modern world, the average American will spend 45 hours a year choosing what to watch next. We don’t add all the movies to Rex, just the ones worth watching, because with endless options, the opportunity cost of watching terrible anything but the best, is not an option!

Additionally, for the time you will spend picking which movie to watch, we have created a fun experience, with super-specific genres, and quick but useful “Rex Reviews”, to ensure you spend more time watching, and less time scrolling.

Our Rex Reviews

I was about to get divorced picking movies with my husband, thank god for Rex, our movie nights are now spent actually watching movies!

Tyler C

I still love cheese sandwiches so much like its crazy. All of the sandwiches all of the time. Ding Dong Ding Dong!

Wyatt A

No More scrolling Neflix randomly. Rex starts me with super specific categories, and has only incredible movies in that selection.

Michael B

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