2022 Movie Recommendations for Movie Nerds and Movie Noobs,! We only feature movies that don’t suck, so choose Rex for your next movie night! Welcome to the new home for Movie Nerds and Movie Noobs, welcome to Rex! We exclusively feature movies that don’t suck, for film aficionados and movie noobs alike. Listen here Movie nerds, Rex doesn’t feature all the movies, just the best ones. Think of us as an alternative to scrolling streaming platforms aimlessly, always searching for what to look for next. Rex aims to shift the minutes you spend looking for a film (and sometimes finding a bad one), and turn them into viewing quality movies. This goes deeper, because while there are many essential must watch classics for the Movie Noobs, the Movie Nerds who have seen it all will still have plenty to view on Rex, as we pride ourselves on the “hidden gems”. Additionally, when you find a movie you might be into, we will help you confirm that decision with our Rex rating, link to the trailer, and elevator pitch on why you should watch the said film. Let Rex be your movie sherpa, your movie guide. Rex will never steer your wrong and waste your precious finite time on this earth with a terrible movie. We watched many of the terrible movies so you don’t have to! Overchoice is a big problem in the modern world and with endless movie options, it is sometimes hard to find that hidden gem. With our unique vibes, you will have no problem finding that film that is perfect for the current moment. Perhaps you are looking for a movie you can debate with your counterpart immediately after, perhaps you are looking to have a panic attack, or maybe you are looking for something beautifully brilliant AND violent. All these vibes and more can be found on Rex! So what are you waiting for, it’s time to start Rexing!

According to Vox, the average American spends 45 hours a year selecting a movie. Not anymore. Meet Rex.

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